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"Do two affirmations and call me in the morning!", Dr. Anne Marie Evers.

Practicing Affirmations is good psychology - replacing negative thought patterns with positive thought patterns.
A successful affirmation results in more successful affirmations, with each affirmation building on the success of the other.

The secret to a successful affirmation is: "Affirmations, When Properly Done, Always Work!", Dr. Anne Marie Evers.

Affirmations - W5 and HOW

Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? of Affirmations is explained.

Affirmations - 5 Building Blocks

Learn the five key components of building effective affirmations.

Affirmations - Protocols

Learn the best practices to writing and saying your personal affirmations.

Affirmations - Stories

Stories illustrate how affirmations have worked for people just like you.

Affirmations - Making Affirmation Beads

Learn how to make your very own Affirmation Beads.

And better still, learn how to use them!


If you feel you are falling short of your potential, or you have lost control over your life,
'Affirmations' may be the 'jump-start' you need to 'put you powerfully back on track'!

Fill Your Affirmation Tool Box with One or More of These Books!
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Bookcover affirmations your passport to happiness

Affirmations Your Passport to Happines, 8th edition.

Affirmations-Your Passport to Happiness, 8th Edition, released 2011 is a powerhouse of techniques and inspiration for all those wishing to take control of their lives. It is the definitive authority on all things affirmations.

Truly the most important 'Passport' you will ever need.

The book is filled with practical exercises, inspiring anecdotes/case histories, and easy-to-follow instructions on how to create your heart's desires. This book is guaranteed to motivate individuals to turn their lives around!

Whether you are searching for a new career or position, having problems in your relationship, trying to overcome fears, or coping with self-esteem issues, this book shows you how to obtain the positive and happy results you desire.

The Personal Contract Affirmation Method shows readers how to fulfill their dreams through forgiveness, focus, determination, and simple daily techniques. She shows readers how to forgive and release old resentments and work with their subconscious minds in order to guarantee success.

Consider This

“If you were powerful enough to create your present life by the choices you made, you can recreate it by making new and different choices using the same energy and commitment.”

Bookcover affirmation lite the essentials

Affirmations Lite: the essentials,

Everything you need to know about the Wonderful World of Affirmations in a concise, clear, entertaining, and easy one-time read.

Sixty jammed-packed pages focusing on "the essentials" of writing and practicing effective and successful daily affirmations.

This 60-paged lazer-edition contains the best of "Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness", 8th edition, and much, much more!

Remember, the best way to predict your future is to create it!

What our readers have commented:

  • This book is easy to read in one sitting and can be taken with you wherever you go.
  • I can leave this book on my coffee table and pick it up again when I need to read it again.
  • Entertaining, memorable illustrations, and stories.
  • Reminded me of experiences in my own life, especially the story of The Cat That Wasn’t There.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step affirmation process.
  • The mind is very powerful.
  • Easy to follow strategies and practices.
  • Humorous stories that I won’t forget.

affirmation work when properly done

red affirmation toolbox

Affirmations Toolbox

In this book, Affirmation Toolbox, you will find an Affirmation Tool for almost every situation and/or challenge in life.

This book has a collection of over 150 simple, yet powerful Affirmation Tools. The tools and techniques are easy-to-apply.

Use the activities outlined in this book to assist you in changing and improving your life.

Go to the Table of Contents, select the approriate affirmation tool, apply it as directed, and reap the positive and desired benefits.

These very simple, yet powerful Tools, can be used daily or on an as-needs basis.

Daily use of affirmations ensures continuity of success.

affirmation doctor logo

An Overview

Affirmation Life Tools: 70 Ways to Cope with Chemo and Other Medical Treatments provides hope, inspiration and practical tools for those dealing with cancer, chemotherapy, radiation and other challenging medical treatments/situations.

Dr. Evers created and used these Affirmation Life Tools with great success in confronting her own personal health challenges, including her experience with cancer and chemo treatment.

Although she claims that there is no guarantee that affirmations will cure anything, she has witnessed countless breakthroughs in cases where conventional approaches combined with the affirmation process.

For many, just using these simple, yet effective Affirmation Life Tools, has been a lifeline, giving individuals hope and courage, while boosting their self-esteem as well as courageously face their illness.

This book is also a helpful tool for family members, friends and caregivers involved in, or affected by, a loved one’s health crisis.

Click Here to Visit for information about affirmations and health, death and dying, grieving, and hospice care.

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Purpose for Site and Disclaimer

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