Covid 19 Affirmation

In these difficult days Anne has written an affirmation for us all to recite. 

United we can make a difference. 

Press play to hear the The covid 19 Affirmation

The Affirmations Doctor


Hello, I am Dr. Anne Marie Evers, CEO of Affirmations International and I am delighted to extend a warm and personal welcome to you.  In these uncertain times, many people are suffering from fear, anxiety and distress. They are concerned about money, health, career, family harmony, relationships; self-esteem and much more.   


    With you in mind, we created proven , easy-to-use methods, exercises and techniques that will unlock the power of affirmations.  You will learn about using much loved "Affirmation Life Tools"  via the Personal Affirmation Contract Method. 


 My hope and affirmations is that you use the information here as a step-by-step guide to help you on your life journey. My books are available on Amazon and you can listen to my  bimonthly podcasts at iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.