Teaching Children the Power of Affirmations

 I was speaking today with a young lady who works in the school system and she related to me a story about a negative situation involving young children picking on one another. Today bullying is very prevalent in our schools and society. What can we do about it? Each one of us can take responsibility and teach our children how to respect self and others. I remember in a Grade 3 class in Washington State when the recognized ‘Class Bully’ walked up to me with his hands in his pockets and said in a deep, loud voice, “Dr. Evers I used to fight a lot! I was known as the’ class bully.’ I said, “Oh  .  .  .  you did?” He replied, “Yep, but that was before I learned about affirmations and the ripple effect.”   

The Ripple Effect Affirmation Life Tool At School

  We took a basin of water and asked one of the students to drop a small stone into the water and we watched the ripples coming out from the stone when it hit the bottom of the container. Then we asked the student to place his or her hand just before the ripple and see how it stops it. We suggest that you use this tool when you see one student bulling or starting to bully another, (if you cannot do it physically, do the process in your mind.)

It is a fact that your subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and imagined event, circumstance, etc., and it takes it as real, and stores that image for all time. Know that you have the power to stop that ripple (bullying) by stopping it with words and/or actions. Always affirm or do things that are to the good of all concerned. This is what I refer to as the “safety clause.”  

Why do some kids feel the need to bully others?

I believe that it is when children feel bad about themselves and their circumstances; they are prone to pick on other kids, as it gives them a sense of power. It is never too late to teach children about the power of affirmations, respect, caring, and consideration. We as parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, etc., are modeling behavior every day of our lives—Is it positive or negative? 

Moms and Dads

 How are we measuring up as role models? It has been proven that children learn by example. If you had a difficult day at the office, and arrive home in a grumpy mood, check your negative mood at the door. Start focusing and concentrating on the good and wonderful things in your life,    and they will increase and multiply. Never give negativity a chance to take root and grow in your family and home. Make it a harmonious place for everyone. Listen, really listen and hear what your children are saying. Communication is very important. Keep that important line of communication open between you and family members. From time to time you may wish to call a family meeting where every person gets to share his/her fears, thoughts, ideas, knowing that they will be heard.     It is good to share happy things and experiences with your family. Remember that you are never responsible for another person’s unhappiness. If your teenager refuses to talk with you, never let it interfere with your good, happy feelings.      

Teach your child how to use this power wisely and you will be giving them the very best gift you can ever give them, the gift of the knowledge of the power of Affirmations—a  powerful, positive Tool or ‘magic wand’ to achieve their dreams. And, best of all--this gift keeps on giving and giving. We can never overuse this power, the more we use the more there is!

And to think that this power is available here and now for every one of us to become aware of, access and use to our benefit. In all my books and teachings, I say, the information that I am sharing is so powerful that it comes with a warning. We must never hurt anyone or take from anyone, it must be to the good of all concerned, and that includes you, and there must be at least a 51% believability factor that the affirmation can manifest as affirmed.     

Note:    I strongly encourage you when you are doing your affirmations to add what I call the “safety clause”-to the good of all concerned and that includes you, the maker of the affirmation.  

Marlene's Dinnertime Arguing Disappeared!

  I counselled a mother who became physically ill, usually at the dinner table. Why? Because she anticipated and constantly thought about the arguing and fighting  .   .   . and usually her visualizations came true. Finally, she discovered that she was setting herself up for unhappy, negative dinner times.

Marlene Uses the STOP, Change Direction Affirmation Life Tool  When she started to worry, fear and paint negative pictures in her mind, she simply took the small Stop Signthat I gave her, held it in her hand and while looking at it she said, “STOP, Change Direction!”  At the same time she snapped the elastic she had on her wrist to anchor those words and feelings. Then she immediately filled that empty space that she had just created with happy, positive, fulfilling, harmonious thoughts and it worked wonders! She asked me how in the world could such a simple, easy-to-do exercise (Affirmation Life Tool)be so powerful and successful. She now enjoys happy, harmonious family dinners and much more.

Note  She is so thankful and reports that she uses the ‘STOP,  Change Direction Affirmation Life Tool’ for numerous other situations in her life with fantastic results.

I am so proud of her!  Also links to all my Affirmation Life Tools Videos can be found here
These short, peppy, fun videos on the Affirmation Life Tools are very short (3-4 minutes each), colorful , uplifting, educational and fun!  

Kids Korner Stuff  Letter from 8-year-old Jamie 

Note:    Jamie, I suggest that you show your Sample Affirmations with your parents and/or, guardians and/or family members. Make it fun project.

Dear Affirmation doctor My name is Jamie and I am 8 years old. I have a dog named Toby. How can I teach Toby to do tricks? My brother James, who is 12 says Toby is older than me (in dog years), but he seems kinda dumb. I am smarter than him. Can I use those affirmations to help? Thanks Jamie P.S. He is a ‘boy’ dog. 

Dear Jamie Spend time showing and teaching Toby. Be gentle, kind and patient and reward him with loads of praise, petting and giving him his favorite dog biscuits when he learns a new trick. Dogs thrive on praise and remember they have feelings too and it takes time to learn new things, just like it does for boys and girls. It is so important to say kind, gentle, soft  words and affirmations to him. 

Suggested Affirmation for Toby My dog Toby is quickly learning new tricks every day. He looks forward to doing them the right way and I am happy with him to the good of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
 I accept on behalf of my dog, Toby
 Sign it I, (your name)__________________________________________             Date  _______________________.   
 Now Jamie you have made an affirmation for Toby. Be sure and repeat it often. Please let me know how it works!   With Caring Dr. Anne Marie  

The Affirmation Light Bulb Life Tool  

Dear Dr. Evers                                                                                                                                                                         I just had to write and share our wonderful experience we had while creating and using our Affirmation Life Tool called ‘Affirmation Light Bulb.’ I have to admit that when I first heard you talk about it on the radio, I thought it was a little ‘far out’ but as I have been and am a faithful follower of you and your teachings; I decided to give it a try. I had to do something as my kids were certainly bickering and even fighting with each other more and more.     We decided to do the Light Bulb Tool for our family–that is my husband Dan, our 2 children, 10-year-old Bruce and 7 year-old- Patty. We followed your teachings and first of all we had a family meeting and decided who was going to do what. We created this strange looking Light Bulb in our backyard. It was made from canvas, cardboard and other materials. 

We found a bunch of old colored Christmas lights and put them on a board to make a light panel with colored buttons. Then we took some folding chairs, mats and bottles of water and we all went into the Affirmation Light Bulb. We put on funny looking clothes that made us laugh. We laughed as we all looked so ridiculous, but we were having so much fun as a family. Then Bruce said to his sister Patty, “What button do you think we should push?” Patty replied, “Let’s push the green one for GO.” So they did and we all visualized a beautiful color green filling our Family Affirmation Light Bulb.   

We then created and repeated a family Master Affirmation to keep our planet green, and  we sent healing thoughts to our planet. Then I said, “Okay kids, what about the color pink for love?” We all agreed and then we created and voiced one that we made up as we went along. We also created and voiced a Master Affirmation for Love and Peace in the world.  And guess what, there was no arguing, not even a thought about it!
 Talk about fun and excitement!  It warmed my heart to see and hear our kids laughing and enjoying themselves, instead of constantly bickering and shoving each other around. We use this Affirmation Tool (Affirmation Light Bulb) at least once a week or whenever we feel the need to do some family bonding and  lo and behold it works wonders, far above our expectations! We are All very grateful to you for sharing your unique and one-of-a-kind Tool!  We are discovering new ways to use our Affirmation Light Bulb and we will keep you posted!’

Hey moms and dads out there, it is great for building a sound family foundation. Way to go doctor! You have our vote for best creator for making this so much fun and also teaching us to be kinder and more considerate of each other, our family members and everyone.                                                                                                                                                                        Thank you for giving us such a fun and happy way! Happy Campers -  Patty, Bruce, Mom and Dad.  

 Note:  Please keep your emails coming, Kids. I really love to hear from you and I will do my best to answer your questions and read and consider your comments and ideas. I would suggest that you share with your parents what you are doing. I believe and teach that every affirmation must be created to the good of all concerned, and that includes you, the maker of the affirmation.  Dr. Anne Marie