Affirmation Coaching with Dr. Anne Marie Evers.


Use the power within through Affirmation Coaching with Dr. Anne Marie Evers.
Using this 1,000-year old-tool, my Affirmation Coaching is unique and you will be amazed and delighted how your life will take on new meaning and change in a most powerful, profound and positive way. 

You will learn

  1. The power of the spoken word (Affirmations), 
  2. The 5 W’s of Affirmations (What, Where, Why, When, and Who), 
  3. The 5 Powerful Building Blocks, which create a firm and solid foundation upon which to build your successful affirmation program,
  4. The how of affirmation success,
  5. How to release blockages,
  6. How to attract ideal people;, situations, material things, peace of mind and more,  
  7. How to have the conditions you desire into your life.

You will also receive specific instructions — How to — with simple safe, easy building, proven methods to guide you. 


Together, we will look at your environmental factors that could be blocking your success. You will be given simple strategies to assist you. Then we will look at who you are hanging out with at the intersection of your life. And at the people, situations and things that could be distracting or hindering you from your completed goals/affirmations


We look at what has been working for you (your successes) and what has not been working for you (your problems/challenges). Taking a look at these things in your life gives wisdom and powerful insight that we use to grow and build upon–past experience  whether they are positive or negative. If negative, we take the lesson (blessing) from it and learn and  build upon it. Each session is all about you! You are the STAR of your show, scriptwriter and director. Imagine one hour per week where I speak to you, only about you, your fears, past, hopes, forgiveness and your fondest dreams and much, much more. You truly are the most important person in your universe, and I applaud that! I will be your cheerleader throughout the ups and down of your life — never forcing, just suggesting and gently, but firmly encouraging wonderful changes to take place in your life every week. T My Coaching Services are affordable, available, convenient and life changing. I also do personal coaching and speak at numerous workshops, seminars, classes and groups worldwide. Sessions – In Person, over the telephone or via Internet   


1 hour $80.00 /  Package of 4 hour sessions for $295.00

There are no hidden costs. it is my suggestion that you commit yourself to at least one package of 4 sessions. Should you feel that you wish to pursue it further, please do ask me about my special ongoing rates.     

Suggested Topics

Forgiveness: Many techniques and proven ways to help you with the forgiveness. You how to release and let go of past hurts and disappointments.

Career: Attracting and Keeping that special lasting, successful career for you;

Dealing with difficult bosses: Employers and co-workers.

Business – Increased business: Attract more clients/customers.

Attracting that special, romantic person: And enjoying a lasting, loving, faithful relationships, that turns into long term commitment or marriage should that be what you desire.

Money: Unique one-of-a-kind methods, strategies for magnetizing great wealth to you;

Self-Esteem: Loving, respecting and approving of self.

Overcoming Negative habits: with alcohol, smoking, worrying, over-spending, entertaining fear and worry.

Happier Family and all Relationships: Coping with difficult spouses, children/teenagers; family members and others. 

Weight Reduction and Management.: When working with this subject, please never use the word ‘lose; because when you lose, you try to find it and I have lost and found hundreds of pounds during my lifetime. Instead say, I, (your name) deserve and now release or drop those extra, unwanted pounds, making certain you say the words extra and unwanted!  

And many, many more . . . . . . . 

Sign up today and start the process of health, happiness and your heart’s desire by being the very best you – and you will accomplish great things. Your mind is a very powerful tool, just waiting to be accessed and put to work on your behalf. 

A proven, scientific plan to attain your goals and dreams. Life is to be lived, not just survived fully from the cradle to the grave — This is your life! Make it healthy, happy and superb. You deserve happiness, wealth, health, material things and above all peace of mind. 

What People are Saying about the My Coaching Process

 Dear Dr. Evers,

 At first I thought it would be a waste of time, money and energy to go to an Affirmations Coach and spill my innermost secrets. I was afraid, but you made me feel so safe and at ease. I felt as if I had known you for years. Somehow you broke through the long-standing barriers and found the real me and then encouraged me to gently yet firmly come to the surface of my being and to be the “real me.” Thanks so much for your teachings and affirmations that you taught and shared with me to build up my self-esteem and learn to love and respect myself by setting into place one positive building block at a time. My whole family is very pleased, much relieved and very grateful! 

Love Debbie W, Vancouver B.C.

Dear Dr. Evers,

 I wish to express how grateful I am for the gift of these lessons, (coaching), and of these comforting and encouraging posts, articles etc. for they touch me in the deep center where thoughts and emotions are swirling, realizations, and analysis are in constant surge and provide explanation as to why I am where I am inwardly.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


Dear Dr. Evers,

The coaching sessions that I had with you on Affirmations and improving my life really cemented the foundation for my new and happy life. I now approach life in a more simple, relaxed and happy way. I tell people everywhere about you and the golden nuggets of common sense, knowledge and your simple, yet most effective Affirmation Program you have to share with everyone. It is truly magic! Many blessings to you for all you do for mankind. 

Linda, N, BC.

Dear Dr. Evers,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for engaging me as your Affirmations Coach! Your Magic Affirmation Coaching Approach is so full of every day down-to-earth common sense, simple exercises, scientifically worded Affirmations and safe proven methods to help me obtain my goals. This is a different type of Coaching and I am so glad I found it. Being a guy, I shy away from most types of coaching or counseling. This was a totally different and unique experience. Now every day I say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” three times to you, Anne Marie. Keep up the good work! 

Brent, Whistler, BC.

Dear Dr. Evers,  

I still have my Master Affirmation List and use it to support my emotional and psychological well -being. I always remember the guidance given through your wise counseling, books and writings. I use this wonderful guidance as a compass in my life. It has taken me a while to make some significant and positive changes in my life as encouraged by you in several of our Affirmation Coaching Sessions in order to each my potential. I am finding the strength, one step at a time to create my life as I wish it to be. Meeting and being counseled by you was the highlight of my life journey. Many thanks and blessings. 

Maureen, former alcoholic.