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Great News Dr. Evers! I did the Spark Word Combo,TOGETHER MIRACLE-PULSE DOWN to bring down my blood pressure and it worked and still is working! Thank you so much.  Josie, one of your readers.

I use the Spark Word Combos to locate files, objects and just every-thing.  What an easy, effective and simple system.  You have created a very successful formula.  Much gratitude.  Hillary, Seattle, USA




Our lives have been enriched with the knowledge in your book on how to make our special dreams a reality.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful knowledge and yourself.  We call it the 'Miracle Book'. Sharon and Ted, New Zealand

The book rocks! I think they should have the Affirmations book in all the schools and libraries. Adrian, Grade 7, North Vancouver




Thank you for writing such a great book.  I have a wonderful time doing Affirmations -- they work!  I now have a wonderful relationship and I am very happy.  Tom, London, England

It is with great pleasure and humility that I present to you this fascinating book and guide. -- Paul Hayward, Professional Coach, 

The information in this book shold be mandatory reading for every person. -- Robin J. Elliott




By using your Big-Money -to-Me-Now method, my practice has doubled.  You are onto a great process.  Jane, Alberta.

I started Affirmations in 1995...Your Affirmations book has helped me achieve every goal and wish I ordered up.  I was very sceptical at first but thought I have nothing to lose and everything to gain so I went for it.  The results are unbelievable.  Rose Mary




Empowerment is at the core of Anne Marie's work with affirmations, and this book contains powerful elements for self-healing through the mind-body connection, with exercises for practising gratitude and forgiveness, and Affirmations for specific conditions and side effects. Ewa Izdebski, chemo. patient.

I was amazed at how Anne Marie's Affirmation teachings transformed the lives of my patients.  Dr. Sasha Smiljanic, Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver.

Affirmations that Manifested for the Author!

My Most Important Personal Successful Affirmation

When I look back on my life, my most important affirmation manifested many years ago when my son, David was born with very crooked feet (his feet almost touched his legs). The doctor told us that he could have surgery that would straighten them out, but the cost was many thousands of dollars. At the time, we were very poor and scrounging to have enough money to pay rent and buy food. But I still had faith and I would look at my eight-month-old baby son and say, “David you will walk!” I told family members and others the same thing. Many people thought, "Poor Anne she has really lost it. There is no way that he will ever walk, he will live his life in a wheelchair."  

I kept on relentlessly repeating and believing my words (which were actually affirmations, but I did not know that at the time). My belief  and positive statements never wavered. A vision of him walking normally was firmly rooted in my mind and I was not the least bit concerned, about the ‘modus operandi’ or how that might happen. I just knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it would happen!  

At the time we had a small coffee shop and one of our regular customers, Donald came in one day and said, “What is wrong with the little fella?” David was sitting in his highchair in the coffee shop and anyone could see how deformed his feet were. Three days later, Donald appeared again and announced that he was a Shriner and he had arranged to have David brought down to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Spokane, Washington for the necessary surgery to make his feet normal so that he could walk. I was overjoyed and so thankful for this wonderful organization.    

I am glad that I had the courage to take my-eight-month-old son in a car with a complete stranger to me, (one of the Shriners) to the Children’s Hospital in Spokane and leave him there in the hospital’s care. He was there almost a year. When he came home, I had to regularly perform certain exercises on his feet and every year for 15 years or so, we had to make the trip to Spokane for follow up or further treatment.    

When I watch my son walking normally today, I think back on that very special time and I am so glad that I, as a mother, accessed that burning desire and faith that it would happen – I had absolute belief and I did not spend any time trying to figure the modus operandi (how it would manifest). I also breathed life into my affirmation by taking action; talking to    Donald about my son’s medical condition. I also knew that God  had heard and was answering my prayer and I said, “Thank you,  thank you, thank you” for this miracle.  

Miracles DO happen when we firmly believe, affirm, trust and take the appropriate action and then accept the answer (manifestation!) Since that time so many years ago. I have experienced numerous miracles from creating repeating positive affirmations for all experiences. My sister calls me one great big, giant Affirmation!  

My Health Health/Grief Challenges in 2013                                                                                                 I was diagnosed with colon cancer, had emergency surgery, developed a severe hospital infection, took chemotherapy and in the middle of my health challenge, my husband passed away of a massive and sudden heart attack in our bed. I felt like jumping into bed, pulling the covers over my heart and saying, ‘Good-bye cruel world, but I didn’t! I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something about it.    Then I thought why not take the positive affirmations that I have been teaching and working with myself for many years and weave them together with ways, methods and strategies, which I did, and this process became my ‘much-loved and much-used Affirmation Life Tools.’ These Affirmation Life Tools worked so well for me in handling negative side effects of chemo, that I decided I wanted to share them with other people going through similar health and grief challenges, so I put it in writing and my popular book 70 ways to Cope with Chemo and/or Other Medical Treatments was created and published.  My Oncologist asked me how I could be so encouraging to others when I was going through my own severe health and grief challenges, I told him it was my faith in God, my family and friends and my Affirmation Process. He asked me if I would share this information that helped me with other people going through similar challenges.    

The Challenge                                                                                                                                                                             We are all aware that cancer has become an epidemic and people worldwide are being diagnosed daily with various types of cancer. It takes correct information, strength, faith and persistence to keep a positive mental attitude throughout.  I started lecturing at Evergreen House Board Room (part of Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver BC, Canada) the last Friday of every month sharing my Affirmation Life  Tools. These lectures are going into their sixth year and ongoing. 

How Using the Power of Properly Done Affirmations Manifested a Beautiful Free-Standing Hospice in Port Moody, BC, Canada written by Debora 

A few years ago, I picked up the original Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness book at a used   bookstore. I was intrigued with the content and began to do some of the affirmations that I needed at that time in my life. Plus I wanted to see if they actually worked and to my surprise....THEY DID! Two years later I met the author Anne-Marie, and was delighted! Not only did she have a vivacious and contagious spirit, but she was passionate in helping others attain their goals. She personally made the time to help create an affirmation board to generate money in a quest to build a free-standing hospice. With Anne-Marie's help it went from a" dream" to reality." Crossroads Hospice" is now operating as a ten- bed beautiful free-standing much needed hospice in the Coquitlam area. What I can tell everyone who is reading this?

I can tell you that happiness is an inside job and Anne-Marie has made it possible for everyone to attain that with this comprehensive, easy to follow guide (Affirmations your Passport to Happiness).....This book helps put you in control of your life. It is nutrition for your mind. There are many, many books on the market, but not many are in the 8th addition. This newest edition has even more pearls of wisdom than the last edition. I am proud to gift my friends with this book, because I know it covers every issue any of us have had, and it works.. plain and simple . .  Thank you, thank you, thank you.. Anne-Marie. You are truly a gift .  .  . a lighthouse to guide the way for others. Debora   xox 

More Affirmation Success!

Affirmations can work for you!

 Affirmations Worked for a Homeless Young Man. He writes, “Anne Marie’s book changed my life. I was homeless and her words and how she put them together changed my thought patterns. I created more. forgave more and was more grateful for what I had not what I lost or did not have. I became a person who could manifest much more than I ever imagined. They say a friend is a gift you give yourself. Anne Marie is one of my greatest gifts,” 

Love and Light Much gratitude from James a once homeless man. 

How it Happened 

James Harvey was a homeless young man living on the streets of Vancouver, Canada  when someone gave him a copy of one of my books, Affirmation Your Passport to Happiness and he started reading it.   

He memorized the Short Form Affirmation at the back of the book and because he is a musician, he put the words to music, recorded them on tapes and listened to these positive affirmations over and over especially whenever he needed positive energy. He would listen to this tape first thing in the morning, and at night before drifting off to sleep and in the middle of the night , when he needed to hear some positive reinforcement because he could not get to sleep.  Miracles began taking place in his life. He manifested a place to live, with wonderful 87-year-old gentleman, Richard (Daddy) Babbs and his daughter Marcia. When James called me, he said, “Anne Marie you will never believe my story. I replied, “Yes I will. Let’s talk.” We met at a coffee shop and he told me about these wonderful miracles—how he had received clothes, musical equipment, a computer and many other useful things.   

He now has a position teaching preschooler in Vancouver, Canada and he is pursuing his musical career. He asked me how he could give back to the universe for the blessings that he had received and the ones he was receiving. 

I asked him if he thought he could put together a musical CD that we could use for our children’s (anti-violence program), the Affirm and Learn Enhancement Program. I had the pleasure of teaching this program for the past five years in a third-grade class in Washington State and in North Vancouver, Canada with excellent and outstanding results.   

James went to work and created the music and lyrics, putting together a positive musical CD. It consists of children singing songs intermingled with Richard (Daddy) Babb’s voice reading affirmations from my Affirmation book

Richard passed away in 2002, but his memory and voice will always be with us. The CD was played at his memorial service reception. Thousands of people have heard and just love this CD. They feel it helps children think positive thoughts and to be kinder to one another.
The CD was also played for the 89thWorld Congress of the International New Thought Alliance in Phoenix, AZ in 2003 and again at the 90thINTA World Congress in Washington DC in 2004. It is also featured on a Radio/Internet Program broadcast that airs the last Monday of each month. This Radio/Internet Program reaches millions of people worldwide.

One day James invited me to join him in teaching the power of properly done Affirmations at the school where he was teaching. The children really listened. And I feel that they learned so much about positive thoughts and how thoughts affect their daily lives.   They also learned about the Ripple Effect (one of the songs featured on the CD), which explains how showing kindness and passing it on to others create a positive ripple effect is so positive. Such is the power of affirmations when you access the power, harness the energy and use it for positive outcomes and to the good of all. 

I am so proud of James and the fact that his affirmations are working miraculously in his life and he is also influencing the next generation in a positive, uplifting and musical way. Way to go, James!