Covid 19 Affirmation

              Dear People of the Universe - Special Invitation  

Please join with us in affirming an immediate and successful cure for coronavirus disease(COVID-19). Let us All live in hope, faith and love and not in fear. This special Affirmation Life prayer is proven to really help!    

Simple Instructions: Please join with us anytime or as many times as you wish. We suggest that you read the Prayer in the morning and evening allowing the words to sink deep into your subconscious mind where you can access them more readily.      ____________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                           THE PRAYER


We jointly and severally affirm Divine Wisdom and Divine Order to our world leaders, governments, etc.; peace in the world, healing, love and respect to Mother Earth, cures for cancer, aids and all Infectious disease. In particular we affirm for an immediate and complete cure for Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is presently running rampant over our planet.  

We also affirm for healing, help and protection for our men and women serving to protect us, wherever we are worldwide; our doctors, nurses, health-care workers, the entire medical profession, men and women working in the critical-care centres, ambulance drivers and every person in essential services worldwide. We also affirm for substantial financial help for those in need. Our hearts go out to those dear people who have lost loved ones to this virus, and we send them thoughts of love, comfort and healing. We now join in with anyone, anywhere in the world, who is at this moment thinking thoughts of peace of mind and health, and we jointly and severally send these thoughts into every part of the corner of the world to the good of all! Thank you thank you, thank you.      AND SO IT IS!  _____________________________________________

We really need your help! Please circulate this prayer to everyone you know. Just think of all the people who are joining together praying for a cure for the coronavirus  . . .  how powerful it is! Together we can and DO make positive world changes.        

I created the original Affirmation Life Prayer one evening in Washington State many years ago and it has been circulating the globe for the past 46+ years. We have received and are receiving wonderful, miraculous results. We are so excited about people saying and sharing this Powerful Affirmation Life Prayer. It really works! We are so thrilled and happy about the miracles that people praying earnestly have received and are receiving! Thank you for your wonderful help in sharing this important Affirmation Prayer with others.  May God Bless Us All!                        



Love and Blessings      Anne Marie Evers                 March 2020