Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness

This popular book is now in its 8th Edition 

Everything you need to know about Affirmations including the popular Personal Affirmation Contract Method. This book has it all! The author shares simple, proven and easy-to-do- exercises methods, ways, strategies, affirmations, and Affirmation Life Tools that really work!

Reader Comments: 

Best book ever! Author teaches positive methods that I have not seen elsewhere

B. Schmidt  

I am a reader of your Affirmation book. I believe that it is the most useful book I’ve ever bought for myself. The methods you teach in the book work perfectly for me. Numerous miracles are taking place. Cheers   Thank you, Phillip, Way Up North   .   .   . 

My whole life changed when I purchased your Affirmation instruction book. The perfect man for me walked right out of my affirmation into my arms. Thank you X3

 Love Deanna   


70 Ways to Cope with Chemo and Other Medical Conditions

This book, written by Dr. Anne Marie Evers, a colon cancer/chemo grief survivor and long-time advocate/ teacher of the power of properly done affirmations is full of proven, simple, easy-to use Affirmation Life Tools that worked very successfully for her on her cancer/chemo/grief challenges.  


Reader Comments                                                                     

Positive , uplifting affirmations are very helpful to everyone and especially those living with cancer or other health challenges,  those undergoing chemotherapy, and those in the last phase of life. Anne Marie’s positive, uplifting approach helps to make the days meaningful  and peaceful, while also providing a means of coming  to terms with the realities of life. 

Dr Paul Sugar, palliative-care doctor, Vancouver, Canada

Whether you know a lot about affirmations or are a newcomer to this field, Dr. Evers speaks from experience and testimonials. I am living a changed life due to using her methods 

John De P. South America  


I was amazed at how Anne Marie’s affirmation teachings transformed the lives of my patients. I was also very impressed at how Anne Marie could go through her health/grief challenges  and still give back to others via books, lectures and more. 

Dr. Sasha Smiljanic, Oncologist     

I have used and am using Anne Marie’s ‘Clear Search and Retrieve Affirmation Life Tool’ to help me cope with chemo brain fog and to help my memory and it is working great! I also use her Stop Sign Affirmation Life Tool and it actually stops the pain for several hours. I am so grateful for the Affirmations and Affirmation Life Tools  that she teaches and I would not know what to do without them. Heartfelt thanks! 

Anita, patient, Vancouver, BC 


Wake Up... Live the Life you Love in Spirit

With Dr. Deepak Chopra, the Late Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

Dr. Evers was very honored when she  was selected to co-author a book with Dr. Deepak Chopra, the late Dr.  Wayne Dyer & others. She is a great admirer of them and the wondrous work they  share with the world.  Dr. Wayne Dyer is greatly missed, but his life’s work continues to guide, help and encourage millions of people worldwide.    

Reader Comments: 

Just loved this book with my favorite authors and how it all blends together giving the important message of hope, love and gratitude.  Yes, I and countless others miss the physical presence of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, but we are most thankful for his wonderful work that carries on. As I am a strong believer in the affirmation process, I was very interested reading Dr. Anne Marie Evers’ section on affirmations and the Affirmation Program. God Bless you all. Thomas, Believer and World Traveler  



Dr. Anne Marie Evers is author of many books and e-books on the power of properly done affirmations. This Spark Word Combos Process is a continuation of her successful Affirmation Programs. She has been successfully teaching the power of properly done Affirmations for the past 35+ years and she is so excited about this ‘Laser’ Extension to her teachings. She has made it work miraculously for her.

Great News Dr. Evers – I did the Spark Word Combo to bring my pulse down and it worked and it still working Thank you so much. Love the beautiful images in the book!  Josie, reader of affirmations

Do these Spark Word Combos really work? You bet they do! WOW, I am living proof. I just got the best deal EVER on the vehicle of my choice. I thought it would never happen, but your Spark Word Combo did the trick!. I’m a believer! Cheers Joseph

I use the Spark Word Combos to locate files, objects and just everything. What an easy, effective and down-to-earth system. You have created a very successful formula. Much gratitude.  Hilary, Seattle, WA

It was like finding a diamond – the information in this book is helping me lessen and stop pain for several hours at a time. I would be lost without it. My heartful thanks for sharing it with us. Connie, Iowa, USA


Dr. Evers has zeroed in on a ’Laser Approach’ to Affirmation Success with this Magical Spark Word Process Book. It is full of simple, short, proven, effective and powerful techniques that bring instant success.  Linda, radio Listener, New York USA


**The information provided, is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used, nor should it be used, to treat any medical or psychological condition. For diagnosis or treatment, always consult your physician or other health care    professionals. You are advised to talk to your doctor and/or healthcare professional about your specific medical condition and/or treatments and the use of these strategies outlined in the above books. The information provided is intended as a  supportive and complimentary tool to the recommended treatment by a health care professional, but it is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment**

Affirmations Lite (co-author J.D. Michaels)

Affirmations Lite (co-author J.D. Michaels)

Affirmations Lite (co-author J.D. Michaels)

The essentials - A wonderful handbook that can travel with you wherever you go.

Affirmation Beauty Book

Affirmations Lite (co-author J.D. Michaels)

Affirmations Lite (co-author J.D. Michaels)

Ladies--This is the book You’ve Been Waiting For! It shares secrets from the Universe and from the author’s research on how to unlock your inner beauty and allow it to shine forth.

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