Spiritual Disinfectant

One reader has great success with this Tool. When her husband comes home in a grumpy mood, when he goes to the washroom, she grabs her spray bottle and sprays all around his chair and she swears that his mood changes for the better in about 15 minutes! She also said a positive and uplifting Short Form Affirmtion .Try it yourself, it is fun and really works wonders!

Cup Emptying Forgiveness

This wonderful, successful Affirmation Life Tool is fantastic. I receive many testimonials sharing wonderful news about how it helped many. I also had a very happy outcome when I used it for forgiveness.  Check it out!

The 1% Solution

This is a powerful Life Tool that you can use for any health and/or other situation in your life. You can say TODAY, I am 1% better than I was yesterday. And as it works for you, you can increase the percentage to one that you believe can manifest as affirmed. Very Powerful Life Tool!

Clear Search and Retrieve

Having difficulty remembering things? l absolutely Love  this simple, powerful and proven Clear, Search & Retrieve Affirmation Life Tool. I use it to help with health issues and to find things; remember names, places, and events. it is truly magic!  . . .And available at the click of your mouse. Give yourself a gift and add  this Tool to your daily life.

Affirmation Life Tools

Just voted Number One! This Tool has and is helping many people, and one reader said when he uses it, it actually stops the pain for several hours and that he would not know what to do without it. It is my favorite as well.

Hospice Affirmations

 One of my favorite singers Johnny Cash takes us on a musical journey from the cradle to the grave. And he is so right  --- life is like a mountain railway with an engineer that is brave.

5 Stages of Death and Dying

Not everyone will go through these 5 stages the same way. Everyone is different. 

The 5 Stages of the Greiving Process

Stage 1 - Shock & and Denial; 

Stage 2 - Anger; 

Stage 3 - Bargaining; 

Stage 4 - Depression:

Stage 5 - Acceptance 

 I truly hope that some of this information will help you on your life journey. Please give yourself time to grieve. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people to help you adjust to your new life without your partner/loved one. 

Affirmations After Death

 This video deals with your life after the death of a loved one. It gives you encouraging statements and helpful advice to assist with your grief, anger, forgiveness challenges, etc.. Forgiving self is so important. Think about and treasure the time you spent with your loved one and be thankful for those precious moments .  .  . living, loving, laughing, visiting, travelling, dining out,  family gatherings and much more. Many tell us that they are so happy to have this important information. 

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